Will Help Solve Dentistry’s
#1 Undiagnosed Issue: Tooth Damage

Today, the leading diagnostic for Damage, which includes cracks and failing restorations, is PAIN. If preventative action is not taken, this pain could lead to invasive and costly procedures or more catastrophic – tooth loss.

The Solution: InnerView® AI.

The only fast, non-invasive, pain-free, and radiation-free Diagnostic System, which, for the first time, uses artificial intelligence to detect cracks, including failing restorations.

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The InnerView® System.

InnerView® is the first-of-its kind dental diagnostic system which uses Artificial Intelligence to detect cracks, including failing restorations, in teeth. It also detects potentially problematic mobility issues. InnerView® does this non-invasively with zero pain and zero radiation.

How QPD Works

The mechanism of Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics “QPD™” is a light, painless percussive tapping on the tooth. Within 2.5 milliseconds per tap, rich data is captured by sensors on the tip of the handpiece. This data is then processed in real time through our propriety algorithm to detect specific crack type.

 InnerView® Technology

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, InnerView® Technology will be the most disruptive diagnostic since the X-ray. For the first time, clinicians will be able to detect and diagnose damage in teeth, damage which is currently invisible. InnerView® will be used by every dental professional on the planet on every patient in the practice, becoming a new Standard of Care.

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InnerView® Artificial Intelligence
Diagnostic System

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InnerView® System Features

Bridges with most practice management systems
Downloading the software is easy and fast. Installation takes only minutes.

Lightweight & ergonomic
The pen sized and shaped handpiece is ergonomically balanced and lightweight.
HIPAA Compliant
The data collection handpiece uploaded HIPAA compliant data to the Cloud of AI and Diagnostic purposes.
Wireless & Web Enabled
Take the Innerview® handpiece from operators to operators; no cords attached.
Zero Radiation
Safe, non-invasive and no harmful exposure.
Painless, Fast & Easy
Innerview® a single tooth in only 2 seconds and an entire mouth in less than 2 minutes. Easily integrates into any routine dental and hygiene exam schedule.
AI Cloud Based SAAS Software Platform
Innerview® algorithms predict damage and mobility defects. Results are displayed in real-time on screen.

Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics – Patented QPDTechnology

InnerView™ is a breakthrough system that employs Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics “QPD™” to detect cracks, including failing restorations, in teeth.

The mechanism of QPD is a light, painless percussive tapping force applied to the tooth or implant. Within just 2.5 milliseconds per tap, incredibly rich data is generated which is then processed through proprietary algorithms to detect specific crack types.

Within seconds, results are displayed on screen with an easy-to-read patient diagnostic screen.

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