Special Investor Presentation*

InnerView Artificial Intelligence
Diagnostic System

Changing Dentistry Forever

Friday, May 22nd | 8am – 10Am PST

Presented by:
Robert Hayman, CEO of Perimetrics, LLC
Dennis Quan, PhD, CTO of Perimetrics, LLC

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Dentistry is about to experience a diagnostic breakthrough in crack detection. For the first time ever, artificial intelligence is being used to detect cracks in teeth, including failing restorations.

The InnerView AI Diagnostic System:

  • Fast & Pain-Free
  • Non-Invasive and Zero Radiation
  • Real-Time Diagnosis
  • Proprietary SaaS software

InnerView™ System Patient Diagnostic Screen


Presented by Robert Hayman, CEO of Perimetrics and Dennis Quan, CTO of Perimetrics, you will learn more about the system, technology, SaaS software, commercialization strategy and the investment opportunity.

Robert Hayman

Robert Hayman, Chief Executive Officer
of Perimetrics, LLC. and former Co-Founder of Discus Dental

DENNIS QUAN, PH.D., Chief Technology Officer for Perimetrics, LLC and former CTO for IBM High Performance On Demand Solutions

The website reflects the vision for the future of the InnerView technology and related diagnostics. The information presented may pertain to either prospective technologies currently under clinical evaluation, or, pending FDA clearances. Some claims may not yet have been proven out via clinical studies.