Percussion Diagnostics

“QPD™” Captures Rich Data

How QPD Works

The mechanism of Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics “QPD™” is a light, painless percussive tapping on the tooth. Within 2.5 milliseconds per tap, rich data is captured by sensors on the tip of the handpiece. This data is then processed in real time through our propriety algorithm to detect specific crack type.

A force sensor triggers activation once the tip is applied to a tooth or implant. Once activated, a light percussive tap is applied to the tooth or implant, which takes only 2.5 milliseconds
A single tooth can be tested in 3 seconds, the entire mouth in less than 3 minutes.
Innerview - Rods
QPD™ generates measurable energy feedback, which is captured by the data collection handpiece.
The rich data captured is then fed into proprietary AI algorithms. Results are displayed, on screen, in real time.




Take InnerView® from operatory to operatory – no cords attached


Web enabled

For Immediate and seamless software updates



Gently percusses the tooth in order to generate measurable feedback to provide Damage and Mobility scores

HIPAA Compliant

Practice Management Systems

Integrates with most practice management software


Featuring AI

The ONLY system to use artificial intelligence, machine learning and finite element analysis to diagnose crack and mobility type

Detects Cracks and Fractures

Diagnoses Cracks

Quickly, safely and with zero radiation

Innerview - Tips

The Disposable Tip

InnerView® is designed for maximum infection control.   To avoid issues with cross contamination, InnerView® requires a fresh, single-use, Disposable Tip to be attached to the tip of the handpiece prior to each new procedure.

Innerview - Smart Chip

The Smart Chip Technology

When the Disposable Tip, with embedded security chip are placed on the device, a “challenge and response” test is conducted via the software.   After the tip has been verified as new and valid, it is immediately designated for this patient only.   InnerView® can be used for one-hour, that begins at the start of each procedure.

An InnerView® test fits quickly and easily into any routine hygiene and dental exam schedule.



  • Confidence in Diagnosis
  • Early Detection
  • Non-Invasive :: No Pain :: No Radiation
  • Fast: 3 Seconds Per Tooth
  • Inexpensive
  • App to Patient Portal


  • Empowerment
  • The Practice of “Wellness”
  • Significant New Revenue
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Dental Insurance Code – D0600 (Digital Diagnostics)