System and Method for Determining Structural Characteristics of an Object.

This patent addresses a InnerView™ device and system for non-destructive measurement of structural characteristics of an object, such as anatomical structures (e.g. teeth), physical or industrial structures (e.g. materials and structures in buildings, machines, constructions, etc.) via a reciprocating energy application tool (e.g. tapping rod). The InnerView™ device utilizes a tip which protrudes to contact the surface of the object approximately perpendicularly and is further stabilized and/or positioned consistently through contact of a tab extending from the tip on another surface of the object, such as the top of the object.

The website reflects the vision for the future of the InnerView technology and related diagnostics. The information presented may pertain to either prospective technologies currently under clinical evaluation, or, pending FDA clearances. Some claims may not yet have been proven out via clinical studies.