System and Method for Determining Structural Characteristics of an Object.

This patent application addresses a InnerView™ device and system for measurement of structural characteristics of an object, such as anatomical structures (e.g. teeth), physical or industrial structures (e.g. materials and structures in buildings, machines, constructions, etc.) via a reciprocating energy application tool (e.g. tapping rod). The InnerView™ devices is stabilized during use with a tip which protrudes to contact the surface of the object. The InnerView™ device includes a sensor for measuring the contact force between the tip and the object, such as to ensure the proper amount of pressure is being applied by the user. The InnerView™ device may also include a membrane or other disposable which separates the energy application tool from the object during use, such as to reduce cross-contamination or the need to clean the device between uses. The membrane or other disposable feature generally moves or deforms to accommodate the reciprocation of the energy application tool.