Coming Soon… InnerView® Technology

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, InnerView® Technology will be the most disruptive diagnostic since the X-ray.

For the first time, clinicians will be able to detect and diagnose Damage in teeth, damage which is currently invisible.

InnerView® will be used by every dental professional on the planet on every patient in the practice, becoming a new Standard of Care.

Diagnosis Damage:

The system works by collecting and analyzing data generated by the internal micro movements in teeth.

In healthy teeth there are no internal micro movements, in damaged teeth, these micro movements are often caused by failing restorations, oblique cracks, vertical cracks, horizontal cracks and root cracks, all of which are impossible to visually or non-invasively diagnose.

Although cracks occur often in “virgin”, unrestored dentition, they occur with far greater frequency in teeth which have had a dental procedure. The severity and consequences of these can range from minor, needing no immediate treatment; to severe, resulting in root canal therapy (RCT) or even tooth extraction.

Diagnosis Mobility:

InnerView® also will also diagnose tooth mobility because it detects movement of the overall tooth or implant mass. Increasing mobility, for either a tooth or implant, signals a potential problem.

For example, healthy implants should have minimal movement due to the hardness of the surrounding bone into which they fuse (osseo-integrate). For a newly placed implant, increased mobility would indicate that the implant needs more healing time or could be failing.

A tooth with increased mobility could indicate a deterioration of the periodontal ligament attachment from disease or trauma.

The Benefits of InnerView®


  • Confidence in Diagnosis
  • Early Detection
  • Non-Invasive :: No Pain :: No Radiation
  • Fast: 3 Seconds Per Tooth
  • Inexpensive
  • App to Patient Portal


  • Empowerment
  • The Practice of “Wellness”
  • Significant New Revenue
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Dental Insurance Code – D0600
(Digital Diagnostics)

How is InnerView® Used?

As a result of the system’s AI diagnostic capabilities and ease-of- use, InnerView® has applications for all General Practitioners, Specialties and Dental Hygienists.

The Disposable Tip with Smart Chip Technology

InnerView® is Designed For Maximum Infection Control.

To avoid issues with cross contamination, InnerView® requires that a fresh, single-use, disposable Tip
be attached to the tip of the handpiece prior to each new procedure.

Innerview - Tip

  • When the Disposable Tip, with embedded security chip, is placed onto the device, a “challenge and response” test is conducted via the software.
  • After the tip has been verified as new and valid, it is immediately assigned to that particular patient for one-hour of use.
  • After one-hour of use, the tip will be disabled for use and must be discarded.

The Base Station

The InnerView® Base Station is sleek, low profile, ergonomically engineered and designed to reside on a countertop in each and every operatory.

Innerview - Base

Charges the handpiece from “empty” to fully charged in just 4 hours.


The handpeice must be placed in the Base Station before each and every procedure.  This notifies the InnerView® software that a new Disposable Tip is required and also “pairs” the instrument to that specific operatory.   This simple action prevents practitioners from moving InnerView® into the wrong operatory and testing the wrong patient.


Simply push the button on the Base Station and the rod automatically extends for quick disinfecting.  The rod will auto-retract after 30 seconds, or the user can push the button a second time to retract the rod immediately.


Safely stores the InnerView® Handpiece.


Fast, Painless, Zero radiation
Portable and light-weight
HIPAA Compliant
Cloud-based AI Platform
Detects Cracks and Mobility Types
Detects Cracks and Mobility Types

“Perhaps The Best Innovation Since the X-ray”

Robert Kelly, DDS., PhD.
Prosthodontic Researcher and professor
Reconstructive Sciences, University of Connecticut

Disposable tip

The data collection handpiece features a proprietary, single-use only disposable tip to ensure infection control.

AI Software

The software displays an easy-to-read patient diagnostic screen to assist practitioners for case treatment planning.

Wireless feature

The wireless feature of the device makes it easy to transport from operatory to operatory and enables online software updates easily and seamlessly.

The InnerView<span style=® system will integrate easily seamlessly into thedental practice’s IT infrastructure. The handpiece can read a tooth in only 3 seconds, so it fits easily into any hygiene or dental exam schedule./>
Innerview - Rod


  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Consistent
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple & Easy-to-use
  • Reliable
  • Radiation free
  • Quick
The website reflects the vision for the future of the InnerView technology and related diagnostics. The information presented may pertain to either prospective technologies currently under clinical evaluation, or, pending FDA clearances. Some claims may not yet have been proven out via clinical studies.